Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspiration from a different source

Somedays its amazing, you can be dragged along to an event not knowing what to expect, and end up finding it a inspirational source.
Today I visited a flower store with "K," unsure of what to expect. But what a revelation.
Firstly I arrived a few minutes after K and so the conversation was in full swing.So I poked around the store, and started getting the feeling that here was something special. The arrangements were of elegant simplicity.
Introductions were made and then the owner started to create some arrangements.
He did so with such speed and beauty it was truly a breathtaking sight.
He worked on arrangement, one tried adding a leaf, and couldn't get it to fit into the arrangement and appeared to decide it was superflous to the design, so he discarded the leaf and went to arrangement two.
Here he placed a flower and a twisted vine-like arrangement, and then decided something was missing, he thought for a second, then picked up the previously discarded leaf and bam a creation was born! And the arrangement itself was a simple piece of very utilitarian gardening material, which had been sculpted into a new form, with the flowers arranged in the middle!
Throughout the store were many such examples and I am more than eager to visit there again!

The Store has a web page at very much worth a visit

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MyCycle v2

Seeing which I prefer


My Cycling progress as a mid-40-year-old trying to get a bit of exercise and ...errr... well exercise. I'll never be a Cadel or Lance but every speed bump is a potential alpe d'huez LOL